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Life in a Shipping Container Home

Life in a shipping container home is a financially sound and environmentally friendly way to dwell. You may imagine someone who lives in a leftover shipping box as a homeless person or refugee trying to survive on the streets. Actually, all walks of life are embracing shipping containers as a new type of viable home.

The appeal

You may have figured out that your family does not really need the thousands of square feet to live. Smaller spaces are easier to clean and maintain, and they cause interaction and intimacy among your family members. Get creative with how you organize your interior space with the use of drop-down tables and built-in laptop nooks to maximize the amount of room you have.

Environmentally friendly

Apart from the massive benefit of not sending these huge steel boxes into local landfills, shipping container homes are great for green rooftop gardens as well. Not only does greenery return more oxygen to the air, but it also insulates your home, thereby lowering your heating and cooling bills.

The savings

The average cost of a small container unit is a mere $1,500 to $3,000. Prefabricated mini home designs, on the other hand, can run as high as $150,000. That is steep considering some mini homes are under 200 square feet. When compared to these prices, the costs of building a traditional home from traditional materials is at least three times higher.

Buy a lot more home for your buck when you go the shipping container route. You get a one-of-a-kind creation to boot.