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ISBU Building Units and Container Homes

ISBU building units and container homes are one of the largest trends in global home and office construction. This new use for shipping containers has started to appear in the news in the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada and China since 2005. Emergency shelters, homes, safe rooms and offices are now regularly built from shipping containers. It is an environmentally friendly way to set up new construction.

Benefits of a shipping container building

Shipping containers are very durable. They last for years and withstand typhoons, tornadoes and other natural disasters. A single shipping container or network of several containers is the safest structure for a home or school. They also make safe dorm rooms and apartments since they are made of solid steel.

Purchasing a shipping container

Shipping containers have become so popular that they are now quite easy to obtain. In fact, many people purchase them directly from IBSU. ISBU is short for Intermodal Steel Building Unit and is a company that manufactures and distributes the containers in Europe, the UK, Australia, China and the United States.

Pop culture

The shipping container home has also gained media exposure. The Lo-tex company in New York City sells art-style homes made of shipping containers that are all the rage with the younger crowd. Container Homes is another company that designs homes of this type.

Shipping container buildings are extremely popular and offer many benefits. It is no longer difficult to purchase shipping containers, so the popularity of these units continues to grow.