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Ecopod Shipping Container Homes

Ecopod shipping container homes are a relatively new concept in the architecture world. Ecopods are homes made from old shipping containers and are a great option to look into if you are considering a sustainable, attractive, unique and portable home option.

Eco-friendly living

An Ecopod is an excellent way to show your commitment to environmentally friendly design and innovation without sacrificing the creature comforts of a traditional home. Living in a used shipping container keeps more waste out of landfills and saves you money - especially if solar powered and fully insulated. Many Ecopods are indistinguishable from normal homes because they are fabricated to look like they have siding.

The Ecopod enterprise

Ecopod is a company based in Toronto that has been in the shipping container home industry for quite some time. The folks at Ecopod pride themselves on using other recycled and environmentally friendly design elements, such as flooring made with recycled tire rubber, paperless interior walls, sustainable soy insulation, an innovative water mill and optional composting toilet.

Uses for your Ecopod

Ecopods are different from other shipping container homes because they are portable. With such a convenient design, Ecopods are easily used as mobile product showrooms and powered with solar panels to create a nearly self-contained mobile unit. There are limitless possibilities for Ecopods since their convenient design makes them suitable for a number of other purposes.

If you are looking to reduce your ecological footprint and put your creativity to good use, the Ecopod is the perfect home choice. There are endless ways to accessorize your new home and make it even more environmentally friendly and with these shipping boxes as dwelling spaces. Thinking outside the box is more fun that ever!